Image of flowers as featured in the book Quiet Spaces: Prayer Interludes for Women
My Story My Song, the book. You will be inspired and uplifted by this memoir of a woman who faced the best and worst of times with faith, dignity, and grace.
Woman Overboard, the book. If you want something more, to have a truly meaningful life, Woman Overboard will inspire you to live more passionately.


What’s Inside for Women?

Spiritual Wholeness

Women of God need resources that fit their unique perspective of living. As found in our library of resources, our authors cover many topics to help meet this need. Without question, none of us wants to struggle with managing life. Rather, we want to be an example of the light and life of Christ. To help you along the way we center our books around spiritual needs and practices.

We believe that women are a vital group with unique needs. Rather than browsing an endless list of hit or miss possibilities online, it is our hope that every woman can find spiritual help, health, and wholeness through our collection of resources. As a publisher, we make strides to offer quality resources with spiritual wholeness and excellence at the heart of our work. As a source for churches and individuals alike, we make a point of finding and creating just the right books for the most relevant seasons including the life moments and life stages especially frequented by Christian women.

Relationships with the Publisher

By offering our books direct from the publisher we make it possible for your purchase to go further. Not only can we better understand the desires and needs of our readers, but we can grow in relationship with you as we grow as a publisher. In addition, thanks to your generous support and purchases, we have the opportunity to grow a website to complement our resources for women. This website features content written by women authors for our readers. If seeing women get the resources they need to grow in spirit is important to you, then take a look at the books we have to offer here, share ones that touch your heart with women in your life, and join us in helping women around the world find and create quiet time with God online at

Magazine and Catalog

Featured books related to women can be found in our online bookstore. This list of resources is centered on informing, fueling, and growing the spiritual needs of our women readers. Many of these books are featured in our special edition digital magazine and catalog featuring articles from the authors, excerpts from their books, and links for each book if you would like to purchase or learn more.

The digital magazine and catalog includes the following contents by topic.:

Prayer: Various Methods of Prayer

Relationships: God in our relationships

Aging: Growth and Purpose with Aging

Legacy: Spiritual Gifts We Pass Along

Creativity: Nurturing Your Creativity

Struggle: Support through Struggle

Devotion to God: Daily Practices of Devotion

Alive Now Magazine: Blending Prayers, Scripture, Poetry, Photography, and Art

Living Prayer Center: Join in or Ask for Prayer

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